Medicare Supplement Texas

Why Medicare Supplemental Insurance in Texas is Necessary

Medicare is not the only form of healthcare coverage you want upon reaching 65. This is when you will qualify for the Government assistance and Medicare Part A insurance (which is basic hospitalization insurance) is awarded to you at no cost to you.  This is known as “Premium Free Part A”.  Why is Medicare Part A free?  Well, most senior citizens are able to receive “Premium Free Part A” if themselves or their spouse paid Medicare taxes while employed.   While you may want to enroll with Medicare Part B insurance (which is basic medical insurance) for the added monthly expense of $104.90, you will still find that it is insufficient to provide you with a high level of healthcare coverage you need.  You see, with Original Medicare insurance (which is a combination of Medicare Part A insurance and Medicare Part B insurance) you are not fully covered.  You may think you are 100 percent covered, but you are actually only up to 80 percent covered (and this is only in some cases).  By only being up to 80 percent covered, you are at risk for having to pay high medical bills.  You may believe that 80 percent coverage is enough, but it isn’t.  For instance, what if you were in need of a major surgery.  I surgery that many senior citizens have to under go is hip replacement surgery.  Hip replacement surgery can cost nearly 10,000 dollars.  So, 20 percent of 10,000 dollars will still leave you having to pay a few thousand dollars out of pocket.  Many senior citizens, who are on a budget due to a fixed income, are not able to afford these high out of pocket costs.  This is exactly why Texas Medicare Supplemental insurance is necessary.

Advantages to Purchasing Medicare Supplemental Insurance in Texas

First off, what is Medicare Supplemental insurance?  If you have been searching in the senior health insurance market, you may have heard of Medigap Insurance.  Medigap insurance is also known as Medicare Supplemental insurance.  Why?  Because Medigap insurance helps fill the “gaps” left behind by Original Medicare insurance.  As we mentioned previously, some of those gaps include the amount of coverage that is offered by Original Medicare Insurance.  It was mentioned how you are only up to 80 percent covered with Original Medicare insurance.  Medicare only covers 80% of costs. The other 20% are coinsurance payments that you are responsible for.  With hospital and doctor visits, this can equate to a significant amount of money. With the right Medicare Supplement plan in place, however, little to nothing is required out of pocket beyond the monthly premium.  Why?  Because with Medicare Supplemental insurance, or Medigap insurance, you are able to be 100 percent covered (depending on what Medicare Supplemental insurance plan you choose to enroll with).  There are 10 different Medicare Supplemental insurance plans to choose from in Texas.  These plans are labeled by a letter from the alphabet.  Medicare Supplement Plan: A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, and N are plans that you are able to choose from.  Each Medicare Supplement Plan offers a different amount of covered and therefore, a different monthly premium.  In most cases however, the amount of coverage for these plans relate to the price of these plans.  For instance, Medicare Supplement Plan F offers the most amount of coverage and therefore is the most expensive (usually).  If you are looking for advantages to getting supplemental insurance in Texas, 1-800-MEDIGAP can be of great assistance. You can learn of the different plans and find out how much you can actually save by filling in the gaps left behind with Medicare insurance.

Shopping Medicare Supplement Plans in Texas

You have options in Texas. There are plans A through L that you can look at for Medigap insurance. While A will cover the 20% of Medicare Part B expenses, there are other plans as well. Plan F is the most comprehensive, covering the full 100% of expenses as well as various other benefits that aren’t covered by Medicare. You need to explore all your options and then determine which one is best for you. For example, you may want to look at one plan for you and a different plan for your spouse based on levels of health as well as your budget.  When shopping around online, there are a few things you need to know:

-All Medicare Supplemental insurance plans are standardized.  With that being said, the coverage and benefits of every Medicare Supplemental insurance plan is the same regardless of what private insurance provider you purchase the plan from.  What is not standardized however, is the price of these Medicare Supplemental insurance Plans.  Each private insurance company is able to put their own price on the Medicare Supplemental insurance plans that they offer to senior citizens.  So, if you are looking to find the very best Medicare Supplemental insurance plan for the most affordable price, you may want to do some shopping around.

Below are a few tips to keep in mind when shopping around online for Medicare Supplemental Insurance.

-In most cases, Medicare Supplemental insurance plans vary by location.  So, if you are searching online, you may want to search by your location.  If you have the option to enter your county or zip code, you may want to consider doing so.  This was you are able to receive the most accurate and up to date information.

-Must like your location, Medicare Supplemental insurance plan my also ask for your age and currently health status.  This is essential when trying to find the right Medicare Supplemental insurance Plan.  Keep that in mind when shopping around online as well.

-There are tons of tools online that many of the big private insurance companies offer.  For instance, 1-800-MEDIGAP, offers an online comparison tool chart.  With this chart you are able to compare every Medicare Supplemental insurance plan that they offer.  This way, you can easily view the plan, what it offers, the benefits, and price.  By doing so, you will be able to find the right plan for you easier.  So, when shopping around online, do not be afraid to ask about an Online Medicare Supplement Comparison tool.

What Texas Residents Need to Know About Comparing Medicare Supplement Quotes

The insurance companies that offer Medicare Supplemental insurance are required to offer Medicare Plan A. They can then choose which of the other plans they wish to offer. The coverage levels will remain constant from company to company. The costs of these plans, however, can vary dramatically. This is why Texas residents need to take the time to get quotes online or call companies for quotes over the phone. Paying too much can be avoided through cost comparisons. Then the right plan at the right price can be achieved.



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